Luabliss is more than just a website to buy clothing, it has a purpose… a mission. With that being to inspire others to ultimately live life in the state of bliss. A free spirited, self expressed, purposeful life without feeling judged for being who they want to be. Everyone on this Earth has a purpose it is just a matter of giving full trust and belief to the process of letting things unfold and evolve. The true definition of bliss is a state of extreme happiness, joy, or contentment. As well as a sense of peace and fulfillment. Bliss is an elevated emotional state where one experiences pure pleasure, free from any sense of suffering. Moments of happiness and tranquility, where everything feels right and aligned, and the individual is fully present in the moment, immersed in positive emotions.

With that being said, Luabliss is created to attract people who are seeking to become the best version of themselves everyday. Waking up everyday just simply grateful to be alive, open to all experiences and open to all opportunities that come their way, listening to themselves and their hearts. For those who never give up and desire to create their own best reality.

Lua is a Portuguese word translating to “moon”. The moon has so much purpose but there is a certain purpose it gives my brand. The phases of the moon… from new moon to full moon and back again, symbolizes the cyclical nature of life and personal growth. Life also has its blocks and flows, ups and downs. Each phase offers its own unique beauty and lessons. The moon's journey mirrors our own journey in life.

Lastly, these crochet pieces are passionately crafted by women who live in Brazil and pour their hearts into their creations. Each handmade crochet piece carries its unique beauty and purpose which represents the resilience of these skilled artisans. For myself... it is choosing to work with these women, and for you... it is your support and together, enables these women to continue doing what they love while living a life filled with gratitude, positivity, and purpose.

XOXO, Maddie :)